anticipation1That moment, deep in the moment, when you look into his eyes and he looks into yours, and he thrusts into the insides of you in that special way which makes you see stars, and then you really do because somehow he’s causing you to smile and laugh and cry out and explode like a firework on the inside, and you feel as though you’re being coated with a fine spray of soft gossamer silk with random sparkles of ecstasy, and it goes on and on and it happens again over and over until you float into that ethereal half-life where you’re partly there, right in the moment, and partly floating above and observing the intensified bliss and increased heat until, after what feels like a decade of wonderful, he reaches his apex and you both combust together and rain down in a silvery shimmer.




(Image courtesy of Dove in the Dungeon‘s favourite mailman.)

the-kissHold me close.

Wrap your arms all the way around me, and clasp your hands on your arms, so that we’re bound together until you choose to release us.

Kiss me. Hard, warm, passionately.  The way that you did that very first time we met, that very first second, where you got into my car and just landed one on my lips, causing me to lose all semblance of cognitive awareness, and only be able to focus on your lips, and your hand in my hair.

Draw me into you as only you know how. Meld with me. Pour yourself into me. Let me feel that fabulous body entwined with mine. Let me reconnect with you — heart, mind, body and soul.

Complete me. Be my missing jigsaw piece, my sandwich short of a picnic, my tuna can short of a supermarket display. The remaining fragment of my greater, shattered whole.

Dive into me, and bury yourself within me.

It’s been a long, long time, and I’ve missed you.