Inside and Out

I’m not an introvert, but I’m also not arrogant.

In fact, while I’m extremely comfortable in my own skin, I’m also not one to sing my own praises.

When someone else does, on the other hand, I blush uncontrollably, and go all bashful.

And then, if it’s him who’s saying it, i kiss him until his eyes roll back in his head and he makes that tiny little noise of appreciation and wonderment at the back of his throat.

He told me the other day that I was a lovely person, inside and out.

Today, he told me how he was constantly thinking of my luscious parts, both internal and external.

How can one not love such a man?



I sent him a piece of mine. This piece.

His response: “You wrote that? Wow!”

Bless his gorgeous heart and bubble butt.


Natural Feel

Your hand on me, in me,

Your skin ‘neath my fingertips,

Exploring the contours, the curves,

The dips and hollows.

Your kiss on my head,

On my arm, on my back,

Our kiss.

The way you tesselate yourself into my back,

Encircling me, possessing me.

How you talk, and how I listen.

The way that your voice glides over me,

Winding and flowing around us,

Binding us like a charm.

Unknown and yet familiar.

Strange and yet so natural.

First of many.