From Space to Drop

Soaring to the height, then stabilizing

Floating above, looking down.



He touches that part of me

That has been so long hidden



Encircling, and then the descent

Hours to come down, return to myself.





Everything I do today has different purpose and meaning.

I peel cucumbers as if your eyes are on me.

I slice tomatoes paper thin, sensing how you’d nod approvingly.

I wipe down the counter, conscious only of how

The sight of my undulating hips would please you.

Inside me explode fireworks of unbridled excitement,

Butterflies wearing Jimmy Choos twerk to rival Miley.

In less than 24 hours, there I’ll be. Under your control.

Positioned as you want me. Securely restrained.

Pliant, submissive, obedient…

Well, mostly.

Can’t keep my mind on anything.

Ain’t it grand?