Happy to Wait

Dark and infinite nights.lovers apart

Hot and blistering days.

The haze that melds the two.

The waiting would be interminable,

But for the fact that you

Are you.

When I asked you, if

This enforced separation,

This unwanted medical spanner that

Got thrown into the works that is

You and I. You said,

I’m happy to wait.

The right time is more important than any old time.

You’re beautiful. and hot. and desirable. and lascivious.

I’m hard.

Your fault.”

I love you for saying that.

I love you anyway, but especially for saying that.

You’re sexy, and enticing,

You make me wet from miles away.

Now I’m a human tsunami.

Your fault.


Sweet Nothings

couple in bed, young woman enjoying kiss on her naked shoulder

Lying on my front

Pinned by you to the bed.

Your body on mine.

The best kind of blanket.

Your breath hot,

On my neck.

Your voice smooth,

In my ear.

Your arms tight,

Hold me close.

“You’re stunning.”

I blush.

“You’re gorgeous.”

I whimper.

“I love how you feel.”

Can hold back no longer.

“I love how you make me feel.”

Hugged tighter,

Shoulders kissed and caressed.

“You’re the lover I’ve been waiting for all my life.”

…and my insides officially melt.

When nothings are very much something.