Swept Away

You blew into my life windswept_heath_by_fooyee-d813f9a

Like the sun in August

No inquiry, no request.

No protective factor.

No regard for anything.

Exposed and sunburned heart:



Your mischevious regard,

That soul-piercing gaze

You blasted into my life. Exploded.

Now, unconditionally lost, I ponder.

To be held by you is to feel unravelled

Blanketed sanctuary. My softness exposed.

Vulnerable, awash — lost, and yet

Enmeshed, encased, protected

Enveloped. Safe. Adored. As though

I’d bleed. Without contact.


You made no request. You didn’t ask me if or how. You

Just jumped. And I, I fell. Impotent, defenceless.

Plunging unaware. Pulled down with you.

Into your abyss.


I am in flux. Adjusting.


Laid bare and exposed.

Dishevelled and blighted.

Though I endeavour,

To redress the balance,

To reclaim order.

Nothing can alter

My dishevelment

Swept away on memory bliss.


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