Sometimes, Lennon and McCartney are the only ones who get it

The video clip that accompanies this post is only half right. The boy who’s driving me mad — well, one of the boys, the one tagged as Canadian Bacon — is indeed going away. Differences between art and life: he does care, and he will be back in three weeks.

But you know. I’ll miss him. Particularly as i sail the world from my sofa, leg aloft, spirits flagging.

Still, just listening to the Beatles is enough to give anyone a boost. And if he had to be away, better that he goes when i’m grounded. Well, sofa’d. 😀

Such a sweetheart is this boy. Message from him last night:

I still have 11 days of things to do before I get on the plane in about 40 hours. One of those things would be to power fuck you for two hours straight and then gently caress your sweat-soaked, orgasm-ized body as the last drops of cum ooze out of me…

You can see why I’ll miss him, can’t you? 🙂


General update: Mojo slowly returning. Don’t lose faith in me. And thank you for the lovely messages. ❤


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