All About the Base

Disclaimer: This post contains graphic descriptions and imagery. If that kind of thing makes your teeth itch, don’t say I didn’t warn you. Plus, as ever, you always have the choice of stopping reading, and moving on. Although I daresay that if you’re anything like me, it will be as compelling as a road accident, and you won’t be able to stop. So you can stop now. Or not. Up to you. ED x 😀

Anal sex. We’ve all been there, some more successfully than others.

When it’s good, whoa mama, it is GOOOOOOOD. I have recently discovered that I can achieve orgasm simply through any of a variety of anal stimulation, including the ultimate – the ass-fuck.

When it’s bad, it’s utterly awful. And painful – not even in the fun way, either.

But back to when it’s good.

The wonderful man whom I am honoured and delighted to sleep with on a regular basis, is a bit of a fan of the bumfuck. And being that he is also adorably bisexual (it’s a thing about me, all the great loves of my life have been bi), the bumfuck can and often does extend both ways. (Double-ended dildos FTW. Wahoo!)

I find that it takes a while to warm up, so to speak. I don’t mean that initial moment as we both pause, waiting for the inner muscles to relax and allow him access. I mean that the second, or usually the third time it happens, there is a smoothness to the rhythm and what I can only describe as a glide-iness that makes the whole thing really enjoyable. So much so that it’s worth the slight discomfort of the first time or so.

Also, the orgasms, oh, the orgasms — holy mother of pearl. As any sexually enlightened woman knows, there is a difference between a clitoral orgasm and a G-spot orgasm. For me, at least, the clitoral orgasm takes longer, and results in a prolonged earth-shaker that leaves me temporarily spent. It also sometimes manifests as a multiple, and when it does, “temporarily” takes on quite a different meaning. 😉 A G-spot orgasm, however, takes less time, is no less enjoyable, and often results in a tsunami-like effect, which, try as I might and practice my Kegels as I do, I have yet to make projectile. (Give me time, it’ll happen.) It feels very different, though. Not so much less intense as coming from a different place. Somewhere deep inside. Somewhere more carnal, if ethereal.

Of course, the noise I make when achieving both types of orgasm is fairly similar. 😉

But then there is the orgasm achieved by mere anal penetration. The second time we met, the man and I, this happened. Using a finger (or possibly two). Just there, nowhere else. An experience new to us both — and one which he wanted to repeat, although this time, using something other than his finger.

He has waxed lyrical on’t for weeks and weeks — and then today it happened.

Suffice it to say that the two of us have spent the day feeling all float-y, and grinning like morons.


Footnote: Apropos of nothing other than it’s about sodding time — just to mention how happy I am at the decision of the US Supreme Court to recognize gay marriage.

Or as I like to call it, marriage.


One thought on “All About the Base

  1. 🙂 fascinating post, having never ‘had anal’ I’ve always been intrigued, I’ve watched the odd gay porn film and watching 2 men do doggy bareback anal is quite a turn on, you know the raw primeval animal frenzy as one rides the other is quite stimulating, is a gay fantasy that unusual!

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