Making a point

Pleasure-pain, pressure,

Moments pass, that take years,

Till relaxation takes effect.

You, inside me,kiss

You, owning me,

You, possessing me.

Crushing me with your body.

Holding me with your mind.

Closing me off to everything, anything,

Everything else.

“Wench! You are truly the most amazing discovery.”

Muffled grunt, as he slides in and out.

“Vixen! You arouse me so much!”

Nodding my head mutely, sighing.

“Yeah, right. Bet you say that to all –”

He slams in.



Driving the point home.

“Yeah, right!”


7 thoughts on “Making a point

  1. Great stuff. I’ve always tried to understand from my partners what it feels like as a woman to have sex and to have someone inside you like that. I think you’ve explained it in the best way possible 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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