In the shower

In the shower, cooling off.

He: Let me do your back.

Me: (Appreciative murmurs)

He: OK, now i want you to pee.

Me: Huh?

He: Go on, pee!

Me: Er… watersports was never discussed, and I’m not into it!

He: No, silly. You’ve just had a lot of sex. A LOT. You need to pee, now — it’s a health thing.

Me: (Feeling somewhat foolish.) Oh.

He: Don’t be so reserved and British. This is not watersports. It’s not like I haven’t already seen a wealth of bodily fluids from you — nor you me.

Me: True.

He: Go on then!

Me: Shh. You’re making it crawl back up.

He: (Suppressed giggle.)

Me: There. Only had a little. Oh no wait… (short pause) there! Done it.

He: Attagirl.

Me: I’m so blogging this.


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