From Space to Drop

Soaring to the height, then stabilizing

Floating above, looking down.



He touches that part of me

That has been so long hidden



Encircling, and then the descent

Hours to come down, return to myself.




7 thoughts on “From Space to Drop

  1. I’m trying to expand my poetic horizons — inspired by you, among others, Jen. I need to learn more about proper form, my lessons at school regarding iambic pentameter and what constitutes a sonnet notwithstanding, I don’t know a lot. 😀

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  2. How wonderful to have provided some inspiration!

    From what I’ve seen here you have a beautiful sense of poetic form ‘proper’ or not!

    Have you seen this site?

    So many forms to choose from – to tinker with until you find the right fit. Maybe this would help?

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