Amuse Bouche

I keep thinking about you at inopportune moments, and getting wet.

TMI? I don’t care.

You should know about these things. You’re all the way over there across the other side of the world, and I’m here. The weather is getting hotter, and frankly — so am I. And i don’t see why i should have to go through this alone. In fact, a bit of sympathy arousal is what I’m after — at the very least.

So when my body is doing something mundane like shopping at the grocery store for a present for a long-unseen relative (flowers or chocolates, despite my offspring’s best efforts to convince me to buy them marshmallows, because they adore them), and i’m standing waiting patiently in line, my mind is off on flights of fancy, thinking about you, and me, and that date we have planned. What you’d see physically is the following.

You’d see me rifle through my purse for my credit card, simultaneously grab my two kids by the scruff of the neck and hold them down and still, converse amiably if vacantly with the person behind me that yes, it is a complete pain in the ass that the shop won’t sell us beer because of stupid fucking licensing laws, although to be honest it’s a wee bit early in the day for me for beer.

burning_passion_by_sandymanase-d5o6ejrMentally, it’s a different story. In my mind, i’m standing in front of you, as you hold me in your arms, and you kiss me, and i kiss you back, and i can feel your magnificent hard-on digging into my thigh, and i can feel you grinding your hips against mine, and your hand in the small of my back pulling me closer than close and I feel your palm on my cheek as your lips explore my own and your breath on my cheek as our lips almost part and you whisper my name and my hand runs over your well-defined shoulder, and up your neck pulling your head closer to me and your hand gravitates from my cheek to my nipple and pinches it, eliciting a sigh and a wail of arousal from me and we kiss and our bodies fuck through our clothes, each feeling the passion of the other, as we lean against the wall, knowing that there is so much more to come.

Amazing how erotic the mental images are, that can be conjured up while standing in the line at the grocery store.

Don’t you think?


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