So bad it hurts…

You make me want you so badly that it hurts. You make me throb inside so that I’m sure everyone around me can see it, or at least feel the vibrations through the floor. And what do they chant, these vibrations? “Fuck me. Fuck me. Take me now and make my head spin, make my whole body tingle.”

sexy coupleMy breasts ache for the touch of your lips and your hands. My mouth yearns to take you into my throat, deep, deep, deep and suck you just as I know how, and just as you like it. The sweetest music to my ears is hearing your moans and murmurs of appreciation. Whether they form words “god yes, you wild vixen, suck me harder, move your magical lips down further” or not “aiiiiiih”, they enchant me. The connection between us exists in the form of wild attraction and a mutual liking of so many things — but it is truly brought to life when we connect physically.

I want to tie you down, and have my evil wicked way with you. Playing with you is like playing with fire, so I will cool you with soft lumps of ice, then brand you with molten wax. Hot, then cold. Fever and chills. Fire and ice. I will take you on a journey with me, make you soar in the sky like a hunting falcon, until you beg me for mercy, to hold you, kiss you and soothe you — and then ravage you like the vixen that I am.

I want you to tie me up, and restrain me until I am completely at your mercy. Add more smoke to the fire, blindfold me too. Keep me in the dark, and guessing at your every move. I can imagine how much more heightened my senses will be, listening for your next endeavor, silently praying that you stop touching that spot, that it’s too much and you can’t — but then praying even harder that you never stop and this ecstasy will continue indefinitely.

I love watching you come — your arousal is a source of pure joy. The desire on your face as I touch you, bringing you ever closer to orgasm… it’s as though it’s your first time.

Making you feel so good further enhances how I feel — enriching my own experience tenfold.

And that can’t be bad.


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