cropped-cpl1.jpgActually, I do like to fuck. A lot.

Are you surprised? Shocked? Horrified? (Doubtful.) Curious? Intrigued? Horny?

(OK, so the last one was rhetorical.)

But what about the other things? That peripheral smorgasbord of  added extras that add volume, depth and good old spicy zing to the ultimate in fun.

Oh yes. All of that. Ranging from the blandest vanilla to the spiciest of kink — count me in.

And I won’t just lie there. Oh no. Examining a ceiling for cracks and cobwebs is not what makes the world spin for me.

I’m there. I participate. I may even take the lead.

I like the idea of making you lie back, while I work on all your vulnerable areas, eliciting sharp intakes of breath from you, peppered with the occasional exclamation of sensual pleasure.

And yes, of course I’ll be the happy recipient of you returning the favour.

Not forgetting the periodic adjournment, where we regroup, catch our breath and come back to life. Entwined in each others’ arms, panting. Smiling. Kissing. Oh yes, the kissing.

(I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again. It’s not just that you or I are good at kissing, it’s that we were destined to kiss each other.)

But yeah. I love to fuck.

Just sayin’.


3 thoughts on “Actually

  1. I feel the same! Plus, I like the variety of sucking dick or sometimes leaving them with blue balls. I also like having my ass and pussy licked. From time to time, I might even lick a pussy! Love your writing!


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